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We believe that real changes in the life of an organization are proceeded by the result of continuous improvement.
The essence of our approach is the process-oriented thinking tailored to every client situation.


Before a development process we organize preparatory interviews with the people involved, to explore the real problem behind the symptoms.

Depending on the developmental plan in addition to interviews, we apply tests, different digital solutions and network-research to set up an organisational snapshot.


Why we work with actors during developmental processes?

With the help of our A.C.T.(Active Competence Trainig) methodology the participants can practice the tools and methods they've learned within the confines of the training with professional actors in life-like situations. In consequence they will be able to use what they've learned immediately in their worklife.


Do you use apps during your work?

Same here! To make a better impact we use many digital solutions, like gamificated e-learnings, satisfaction assessment, brainstorming apps, network-researches and mobile learning applications which can support the development of leaders. These all help to make more successful projects.



Following the developments, not only the return and development can be detected by measurement and follow-up, but also the success of the chosen methods.



The time needed to form a new routine?
The aim of follow-up sessions is to keep the team and individuals in the level of knowledge that they achieved during the process and support the continuous integration of the skills with various methods.