What does organizational awareness mean to us?

In addition to introducing technological innovations and developing employees, we also strive to make the entire organization livable and enjoyable. We dare to question our processes, look for new, better solutions, think strategically and face challenges. We are not afraid of changes, we shape them ourselves.

With this professional attitude, we support our partners in renewing their processes as well as creating and developing HR strategies. Our goal is to help our partners through the transformations that affect the organization by finding the most appropriate solution.

SURVEY – Let's see our organization with clarity!

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Wherever we may go, it is essential to know where we stand in order to plan our roadmap. A survey prior to organizational-level development is like a location. We assess the initial state: the processes, resources or the competences of the colleagues in the organization along which we create a development plan to achieve the goals of the organization together with our partner.


It allows us to see characteristics that are not perceptible from within the organization on a day-to-day basis. Surveys use objective methods based on team feedback to give our partners a valid, concrete and up-to-date picture of the organization.

All surveys that reflect the real situation indicate and catalyze developmental processes. The newly gained knowledge initiates the change that leads to a more productive and healthier functioning organization.


In strategic HR operations, it is essential to select, evaluate, motivate and develop employees, for which it is crucial to raise awareness of what competencies are needed in the organization.

A highly important part of this is knowing and developing the competencies of managers, key employees and talents.


What are our methods to take a snapshot of the organization?

  • Network research-based online organizational surveys

  • Employee satisfaction surveys

  • Management interviews

  • Key employee interviews

  • (Focus) group surveys

  • Monitoring (management operation using on the job monitoring, production processes)

  • Analysis of organizational documents

The snapshot obtained during the surveys is evaluated and used as a basis for the development planning.

The surveys are supported by a complex methodology and a variety of tools

  • Design and implementation of Assessment and Development Centers

  • Competence measurement with gamified methodologies

  • 360 degree surveys

  • Tests that measure behavior and personality structures

  • Video interview surveys



If the organization knows its own existing resources, it is able to use them consciously and well

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During an organizational survey, problems may come to the surface that are not visible in the everyday life


Development projects can be based on the missing competencies, organizational hot spots


Management teams can be developed in a unified direction with the help of a 360-degree survey


They show connections and patterns that help to prioritize development projects: what is the action that can provide significant help to many?

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