What does organizational awareness mean to us?

In addition to introducing technological innovations and developing employees, we also strive to make the entire organization livable and enjoyable. We dare to question our processes, look for new, better solutions, think strategically and face challenges. We are not afraid of changes, we shape them ourselves.

With this professional attitude, we support our partners in renewing their processes as well as creating and developing HR strategies. Our goal is to help our partners through the transformations that affect the organization by finding the most appropriate solution.

FEEDBACK – Let's interpret the results of the survey together!

With our feedbacks, we support the understanding of the results and strategic thinking though the process.


Feedback on organizational diagnosis

After the survey, we synthesize and compliment the results with suggestions and share them with the managers, then later with the employees. In our experience, our essential support is reflected in the two-way dialogue in the discussion of the results of the organizational survey. What makes the information gained from the surveys valuable is that it is interpreted together with the leaders in the context of the organization.

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Feedback on individual surveys

An essential milestone in the survey process is to provide stakeholders with feedback and findings from the survey to evaluate them together.

Development-focused conversations

The results of the surveys are summarized in individual, as well as team-level management reports. The we provide a one-hour, strength-based, development-focused feedback conversation with each stakeholder. We review what their resources are, on which they can build and what they can change.

Management reports

In addition to individual feedback reports, we also discuss team-level results with managers and the HR team, if needed, which can help management to set development directions.

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