Employee development

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What do our partners expect from a development?

In our experience, clients highly value active, practical, immediately usable knowledge. Thus, in the course of our developments, we strive to provide participants with tangible, immediately applicable knowledge. Many of our trainings include acting situations out with actors, where actual work situations of participants are processed in situational exercises, so they return to everyday life with real solutions, ideas, and tools.


Improving the skills of employees provides a solution to many of the problems that arise in the organization. Advocacy, communication, conflict prevention and management techniques directly affect the efficiency of employees, these prevent many problems and tensions in the organization.

We involve actors during some trainings (A.C.T - Active Competence Training methodology), this way we help through live situations to achieve that the given methods and techniques can be a part of everyday operation.

What are our most popular trainings?

  • Advocacy like a pro

  • Time and energy management

  • Solution-oriented conflict management

  • Chill out! - Workplace stress management techniques


Why is it worth investing in employee development?

Thanks to the improved skills, daily operation is more professional and productive.

Employees who are conscious and supported by trainings in their work have an impact on customer satisfaction, which increases sales revenue and strengthens the market position.

The trainings have a positive effect on the organization's assessment of the labor market.

The improved skills can also be used by the employees in their private life, thus their can live a happier and more satisfied life.

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